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Taiga by CazyBunny
Today I had the sudden urge to draw something big with my pastell crayons which I actually rarely use.
and since my friend enzo reminded me of my love for toradora here you get a Taiga from me <3 hehe
btw this is a DIN A 3 paper that's why I had to take a photo of it !!

 Cute Tiger (Happy) [V1] More from me:

Tools: pastell crayons

Toradora © Yuyuko Takemiya & Yasu


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Taken from :iconredgrell42-42-564:

What Soul Eater character am I?

1. A test is coming up in the DWMA, what do you do?
[] a. Study! I hope I get an A+!!
[] b. Write cheats all over my clothes, and pretend I studied.
[] c. I don't go to the DWMA!!
[] d. I'd be sending positive energy to Maka!
[] e. It MUST be symmetrical! No matter what!!
[] f. I'ma break a giraffe's neck!
[] g. *is doing nails*
[] h. I can do the test! That's how big of a star I am!
[] i. I'd study, of course. Make Black*Star not do too many exercises.
[] j. FOOL!
[] k. I'd more likely be dissecting something
[x] l. I don' t know.....
[] m. Uh! I don' t have time for some dumb academy!!

2. You're walking through Death City and you feel like someone is following you, what do you do?
[] a. Who' s there?!
[] b. *arm turns into scythe*
[] c. Pum Pum Pumpkin! Get that person outta here!!
[] d. Who's there?! And what have you done with Maka?!
[x] e. *looks around*
[] f. I'll annoy them so that they run away.
[] g. Huh?! Who's there?! WHERE' S PATTY?!?!
[] h. Tsubaki!! Smoke bomb form!!!
[] i. Hmm? Is anyone there?
[] j. Only a FOOL would follow me!!!!
[] k. *cranks screw on head* …
[] l. eep!!!
[] m. I'll find them, put snakes in their bodies, and kill them!! Heh, heh!

3. What is your favorite number?
[] a. 100-- That's what I hope to get on tests!
[] b. Ehh… Numbers don't matter for a cool guy.
[] c. Soul!!
[] d. It doesn't matter! Maka does!!
[x] e. 8!! It's symmetrical!! 8D
[] f. *is scribbling a giraffe and then tearing it apart*
[] g. Nails, maybe 12.
[] h. I'm too awesome for some number!!
[] i. I'm not sure…
[] j. FOOL!!!!!
[] k. I don't have time…
[] l. I don't know…Is that bad??
[] m. Numbers are good for calculations!! Maybe all.

4. What clothes do you like to wear?
[x] a. Some I can easily move around in.
[] b. A jacket, pants, and headband.
[] c. Something sexy.
[] d. Something comfortable.
[] e. Something symmetrical, of course!!
[] f. What my sister wears!
[] g. Something that complements me.
[] h. Some that shouts ME!!!!
[] i. What I usually wear.
[] j. Well, I like to wear a hat and an English- *rambles on*
[] k. A lab coat...with stitches..
[] l. I'm not sure...
[] m. A nice thing you can easily do things in!!

5. You go to France, what will you do there?
[] a. See if there's any kishin or bad souls around.
[x] b. Be cool, enjoy the sights.
[] c. Buy something WONDERFUL for Soul!!
[] d. See if there is anything that will grasp Maka's intrest and get it for her!!
[] e. Look at the beautiful tower of symmetricalness!!
[] f. Wee! I bet there are alot of fun things in France!!
[] g. I'd like to do something good, so I'd have to keep Kid from being sucked in by symmetrical things.
[] h. Spread my starpower!!
[] i. Keep Black*Star out of trouble.
[] j. FOOL!! I'd do sightseeing!!
[] k. Why would I be there...when I could be doing something else??
[] l. Do what Lady Medusa wants me to do..
[] m. Do what evil isn't doing!

6. If you sense a witch soul, what would you do?
[] a. Stop the witch!!
[] b. Hey, I'd become a Death Scythe, let's fight!!
[] c. Hee hee! If it's not harming me, no sense in attacking!
[x] d. Well, if I was with someone, that would be a different story than if I was alone..
[] e. If the witch is unsymmetrical- DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING!!! If it was symmetrical- *heart eyes*
[] f. Let's do this thing!!!!!!!
[] g. At least it's not a ghost..
[] h. Come on, Tsubaki! Let's crush it!!
[] i. Black*Star!! Stay safe!!
[] j. FOOL! Why would I be there? How about I disscus my mornings?
[] k. I would destroy it..
[] l. The witch soul would probaly be Medusa..
[] m. possible recruits..

7. If you found the Holy Sword Excalibur, what would you do?
[x] a. I already have a partner..
[] b. I'm a weapon..not a meister..
[] c. Tish tosh!! I have Soul!
[] d. Err...
[] e. It's SO symmetrical!!!
[] f. Hee hee! It's stuck in stone!!
[] g. Ummm...bye?
[] h. Whoop!! I'm gonna be a hero!! Then everyone will know about me!!
[] i. Yeah...I'll see you another day..
[] j. FOOL!!!
[] k. ...
[] l. I better leave...
[] m. Ugh! Who needs the Holy Sword Excalibur!?


Mostly a: Maka (x 2)
Mostly b: Soul (x 1)
Mostly c: Blair (x 0)
Mostly d: Spirit/ Death Scythe (x 1)
Mostly e: Death the Kid (x 2)
Mostly f: Patty (x 0)
Mostly g: Liz (x 0)
Mostly h: Black*Star (x 0)
Mostly i: Tsubaki (x 0)
Mostly j: Excalibur (x 0)
Mostly k: Dr. Franken Stein/ Professor Stein (x 0)
Mostly l: Crona (x 1)
Mostly m: Medusa (x 0)

I would ever be Maka or Kid :D *yay*
My fav Soul Eater Characters o3o

(why are all my journal entries dumb things like this? xD)

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